ThunderSwap investors and supporters — we’d like to update you all on the current state of the project for our DEX and Yield Farm on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Remembering that ThunderSwap was a fair launch project, this means that the ThunderSwap team are also investors. The current low value of the TNDR token is disappointing and a real blow to all of us too. Unfortunately, we are also carrying heavy losses right now, the same as you.

ThunderSwap cannot control the price of TNDR, it’s based on market movements. If you look at a lot of other Yield…

Remember our final goal in the roadmap, having our own Decentralized Exchange (AMM)? We had to push the Automated Market Maker (AMM) to top priority since lots of the other features such as auto compounding vaults depend on our AMM. The good news is… we are now ready to launch our own Decentralized Exchange (AMM)!

ThunderSwap launching our own AMM is a big step forward, and we are very excited to share this change with the community. Also, there are a number of reasons why this is big news for current and future investors.

  • Our own AMM means liquidity is…


Once An Idea Has Taken Hold Of The Brain, It’s Almost Impossible To Eradicate. — Dom Cobb

ThunderSwap.Finance — The new thundering Yield Farm on BSC Network (Binance Smart Chain).

We, at ThunderSwap, are a professional software team with lots of love for crypto. We always wanted to contribute to the crypto community space and show our love for crypto. What else would be a better start than using our skills to build something new and exciting in the hot new DeFi space.

Our goal is to contribute to crypto awareness and worldwide crypto acceptance. …

Thunder Swap

A next level Yield farm / DEX on Binance smart chain.

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